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A look at Bald Head Island, North Carolina.

If it wasn't for my sweet friend Parker Harvey I never would have gotten to explore this little island on the coast of North Carolina. When I went to Bald Head Island for the first time several years ago, I was blown away by the design and feel of the island. I practically grew up at the beach and spend most of my summers in Wilmington, a place that is just as beautiful. Although Bald Head is a part of North Carolina, it feels like your own little getaway. Bald Head Island is a place where I get a lot of my inspiration when it comes to design styles. My friends and I spend hours driving around on golf carts looking at each house and imagining each one as if it were our own. The more and more I would go back, I always saw a new design at which I wanted to explore.

In 2017, there was a Southern Living inspired home that was built in Bald Head. The designer called the space," a coastal getaway that home was inspired by the natural surrounding beauty of the landscape and the homes in the community. Expansive porches and long overhangs on both the front and back of the property not only help to protect from the elements but offer relaxing spaces for the owners and their guests. Overall, we are loving every detail of this charming coastal cottage, from the splashes of color to the casual atmosphere."

Each house has its own personal sense of coastal charm that adds character. I hope one day I will be able to design a house that is as beautiful as the ones I see.

The attention to color is important in beach houses such as these. You want to make sure you bring the beautiful nature from outside, in. As pictured above, the Southern Living house uses wood tones, furniture and hints of green to make the space feel natural. The use of neutral colors along with the wood tones, jute rug, and plants allows the space to feel more open and airy, and most importantly allows you to feel like you are on your own little island.

To read more on the Southern Living house - (

In 2017, Southern Living also explored the designs of the guest house of the inspired home. Click image to read article by Emily A. Clark.



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