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It's time to have some fun! The inner little girl in me who was obsessed with fashion and design before I could even dress myself was screaming for a blog. I am from Raleigh, North Carolina and attend a sweet school in South Carolina. Just recently, I decided to recreate a blog I had previously published during COVID. My old blog, formally known as Nancy's Open Diary explored the struggles that come along with mental health, body image, friendships, high school, simple life changes, and all the good that also comes with life. After having not published on Nancy's Open Diary for several months, I decided I would create something that I have a passion for and enjoy talking about, and let it be something that keeps me distracted when life seems to be moving a bit too fast. My hope when I made The Design Diaries was to have a platform where I can write about all the things I am passionate about while also reaching a more broad audience. I will touch on things like travel, journals and books that provide inner healing, mental health awareness, fashion, and my favorite... all things DESIGN!  We'll cover it all. I hope you take time out of your busy day to reflect on what makes you happy and what you are passionate about. People notice a difference when you're talking about something you love! I look forward to sharing my design love with y'all. Keep redecorating on the inside and out. 


Nancy Anne Vincent


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