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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

The savings just got better.

It's time to save! Since being in college, I've quickly learned that Amazon might just be my new go to website, for not just little things, but all things fashion and design. Click on any image to be directed to item link.

Decorative Coffee Table Tray

This is one of my favorites. Spice up any space with a Coffee Table tray that can be used for many things, not just decorative books! In the past, I have used mine on a desk top to display makeup, perfumes, and some picture frames.

Navy & White Ginger Jar

A decorative jar for flowers or feathers, whatever may fit the design of your space.

Full Length Mirror

A full length mirror is the perfect way to make your space feel, and look bigger. Putting a full length mirror on the wall at the opposite end of your bed, is the best way to do it !

Area Rug

I found this area rug last year when looking for dorm rugs. It has the most perfect colors and can be styled in a small office space, dorm, home bedroom, or small living space.

Decorative Room Chair

Let's be real. We all have that one chair or table in our bedroom that we pile up with clean laundry that we don't want to put away. A small and fun chair is the perfect way to dress up your space, while also still having a place to put clothes and other items!

Faux Bamboo Cachepot

I might be biased towards this one, but I can't help but find more things for flowers. When I am home from school, I get fresh flowers every week to remind myself that Monday is the start of a new week and new goals! A cachepot is a good wait to plant orchids or other small flowers.

Bamboo End-of-Bed Bench

Most bedrooms that I see when looking at new designs, always include an end-of-bed bench. While I don't have one myself, they are perfect for adding a simple piece of furniture and makes for an extra place for your friends to sit!

Display Jewelry Box

This jewelry box is perfect for those beautiful statement earrings, or to have on your nightstand for your go jewelry collection.

Blue & White Small Lamp

If you're like me, you are not a fan of an overhead light. Lamps are the only thing on in my room! A smaller lamp is perfect to add character to an already small space. Don't forget to get your "soft-white" bulb!

Air Purifier

Although an air purifier is not a decorative item. They are necessary for rooms! Purifiers work wonders for people with asthma and other breathing difficulties, and are able to filter out all the bad stuff that is in the air! Plus, they can come in different shapes and sizes to fit the feel of your space.



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