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  I don’t remember when I was introduced to words. I do remember, though, when it was that I realised their importance. I feel that it is a story worth sharing. During my Master of Design course, it was a practice to present our projects to a jury. (at various stages of completion). In one particular design jury, one of our fellow classmates was presenting. A few slides in, as he was explaining his work, he said “ I have concluded from my research that in all of India, there is no city like Mumbai”. As soon as he uttered these words, one of our professors got up. In a very angry tone he  questioned him, “How can you call this research?!”  To which my classmate replied, “ I have done extensive touring of the city over the span of a couple of days. Also I have taken a lot of information from the internet. I have compiled all of that as my research.” Our professor lost it. He criticised him profusely and could not stop ranting about how this was not research at all. At the time, me and my

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